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I had this problem with a Pancolor on my Prakticamat (the fisrt camera sold with TTL metering) nad have similar issues with another Pancolor and a Flektagon & Sonnar all Exacta mount. Meyer lense I bought never seemed to suffer as badly.

My first Pancolor never stopped down consistently to the correct aperture by the early 1960's quality control was poor.

The first camera I ever bought was a used Praktica LTL with CZJ Pancolor 50/1.8. That developed sticky aperture blades at some point in the late 90s/early 00s when I wasn't doing much photography and it spent most of its time in a box on top of the wardrobe.

Earlier this year I finally plucked up courage, found some instructions online, dismantled the lens and gently cleaned the blades with IPA and cotton buds. Working perfectly now, and having gained a little confidence working on a low value lens I moved on to my P6-mount CZJ 120/2.8 Biometar that suffered from the same problem. Happy to relate that is now fixed too and once again in use.