You can spend as much as you like for professional features but hardware-store-type screw-in UV bulbs work fine and cost (locally) about $6 USD each. You will need three for an 8x10 printing box suitable for platinum-palladium work. (I don't know about cyanotypes). Put the bulbs in a milk-crate (available from chain stationery stores) on the bottom, line the crate with aluminum foil, and place your printing sandwich above the crate, face down. Works fine, no fans, ballasts or starters required, and exposure times are only a bit longer than commercial-grade equipment. (About 4-7 minutes instead of 3). The bulbs are 7-watt units and a conventional Gralab can easily handle the 21-watt power load. Total cost about $35. Fancy timers, vacuum frames and other conveniences are very nice to have and may be worth the extra expense for what you are doing. Email me for a series of jpgs on how to construct the thing.