So, despite a bunch of whining and crying about no-one teaching RA-4 anymore in PMs, it looks like I've found someone to teach it, starting tomorrow... yay!

I haven't shot color film in quite a while; I've been shooting black-and-white pretty exclusively for a long time. I've got a huge-ish stock of UC400 in my fridge (thanks to Target clearance sales), as well as a bit of Porta NC as well.

In our classes, we take our C41 out to commercial labs for processing, then enlarge the prints on the school's enlargers (with dichroic heads), and process the prints in a processor (I believe it's a Noritsu -- I know the school just sold another Noritsu).

Does anyone have tips for good papers to start with? I've heard lots of good things about Fuji Crystal Archive for LightJet printing, for instance, but I would suspect (purely through speculation) that Kodak films might print better on Endura... if the processor is not a Noritsu, would that make a difference?

I would also appreciate any other tips for a budding color shooter and printer. Thanks so much in advance!