Here's what I have.
1. Polaroid 660 Sun camera
2. Polaroid Land Camera Square shooter 2
3. Polarod Color Pack 3 Land camera.
4. Kodak Trimprint 920, magazine film camera
5. Kodak Partytime, basically like the trimprint, both need batts.
I'm not much of a Polaroid guy, but all these camera's appear to be in nice condition cosmetically. If anyone is interested in all this, I would be willing to trade for film, B&W or color print film 35mm and or 120 film. This would be a great deal for someone into these kind of cameras.
I also have a old Vivitar HVP-1, looks like a power supply of some kind, maybe for remote flashes etc.
All of the above appear to good to toss out, hopefully someone wants it all or some of it.
Thanks 2bits