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Ian ,

You are purist as much as James Bond when selecting women You have a MG and an Aston Martin at the garage and a Minox camera in your jacket and receive satellite signals from your wife with your wristwatch
Actually I have an Austin 1300 GT - a wolf in sheeps clothing essentially a verry similar highly tuned engine to the Mini Cooper S cars used in the orriginal Italian Job film

It's done less than 25,000 miles (40,000 km) from new but needs a little rstoration, I've not used it for about 15 years, I'm the second owner.

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Never used blond shellac for my french polish, but have used the method extensively for years as a furniture maker.
The normal shellac or french polish (off the shelf) is similar to what was use for much British antique furniture, it's nice biut I noticed on occasions was darker than I really wanted.

The Blond(e) shellac has gone up in price recently, quite a big price hike in fact, it's a lighter honey colour and a touch more translucent as well. It's better suited to my restorations, I wish I;d found it earlier but then I'm on a big learning curve