I'm looking for:

80 1.9
150 2.8 N (have a 150 3.5 N I can trade back if you need the FL)
30 fishy
300 f4.5
500 f5.6 (long shot I know I'd have to trade everything I have for it lol)
120 backs with their cases (only need 1 or 2)
leaf shutter lens, can't remember what focal lengths they were I think there was a 110 and a 55

I've got:

105 2.5 Nikkor
50 1.4 Nikkor
55 3.5 Micro-nikkor
70-210 f3.5 Vivitar Series 1 rev. a kiron

35 2.8 n/ai with nikon conversion kit, has a small scratch in center, IQ not affected
135 2.8 Vivitar, slow aperture blades it's fine wide open
28 2.8 Macro Albinar ADG
28 2.8 Quantaray
50 1.8 Nikkor
50 1.8 Series E
Tammy 80-210 3.8/4 BBAR
80-200 f4.5 Rokinon

Nikon FE with winder, brassing and needs a door hinge but otherwise works
Nikon FG, works but I broke the winder handle plastic thing, seals are new
Nikkormat FTN, usual brassing, works

Mamiya stuff I already have

left grip
45 2.8
150 3.5
metered prism finder
Metz CT45
1x 120 and 2x 220 backs

i can put cash on top if you want just one lens. im going to 645 and 6x7 and keeping my EOS 135 system and a cute little Yashica RF I'm sending of to Mark Hama in a week, and I rarely shoot these anymore. Great system, it's what I learned real straight photography on.