Nikkor 180mm f2.8 AIS ED $200
It is one the best 180mm out there. Optically, the rear glass is clean, front glass has some coating wear, but wonít affect IQ in anyway. Great performer throughout the range. Barrel does have some paint wear and scratches mainly around the hood. Comes with front and rear caps.

Nikkor 200mm f4 AIS Micro $275
I love itís compact size and the 200mm focal length. Glass is very clean with tiny bit of dust between the elements, otherwise free from scratches, fungus or oil. Aperture blades are clean as well. Barrel does have some tiny scratches. Overall, a solid performer. Tough time deciding keeping it or the Sigma 150mm macro. Comes with caps, and tripod collar.

Nikkor-S Nippon Koguku 50m f1.4 $90
A great classic lense from Nikon. Glass is very clean without scratches, oil or fungus, might be one or two dust particles. Barrel is in excellent condition consider its age with minimal wear. Comes with rear cap and a Hoya 52mm Skylight filter.

Nikkor 180ED

200f4 Micro