I just wanted to post a big Thank You here.

Being a guy that shoots very little but has a love of photography I was overwhelmed by the acceptance and encouragement I received from all the people there this week-end. Being I'm sure the least experienced photographer there, it didn't matter whether I was talking with professional, fine art or experienced amateur I felt comfortable and not out of place; all gave freely of themselves and I am grateful.

Where else could a rank amateur as myself get to have quality conversations with and view the work of people that, do photography for a living, make books, publish books, that make photographs and awe inspiring portfolios for no other reason than to express the art within them and not be made to feel inferior.

To see the work of all that attended was very inspiring. One of the things I came specifically to see the wet plate photography and have to thank Bill, Andrew and Greg for sharing freely and showing me a sampling of the process. If it wasn't for that damn Oberon I would have been able to observe more. lol

I can't thank Bill enough for the tradition and hard work of putting this wonderful get-together on and encouraging me to attend.

I feel I have made many new friends and very much look forward to 2013

Dennis L. Wood