While my first love is photography, my second is an interest in what would generally be considered the woo-woo/paranormal/weirder side of life.

Often the two clash together when someone brings images of something to the table that are simply too good to be true. That's where this post comes in, and hopefully some of you out there will have some input for me.

There's a certain well-known case here that I'm sure is as fake as anything can possibly be, but so far nobody has successfully done it to most of it's follower's suiting.

It seems there's a certain one-armed Swiss farmer who, armed with his 35mm camera has taken photos of numerous "UFO's" for many years. Now, these objects look like your momma's baking tins glued together, often poorly or impossibly lit in the images, etc. But, the issue of scale and usability of a model comes into play.

So, here's where I'm at. In my thinking, someone *should* be able to build a relatively small scale model, shoot it on something equivalent to a white infinity wall, though tabletop, with proper lighting to simulate outdoor lighting for the eventual faked scene. Using slide film, one would be able, I believe, to create an image of a "UFO" hovering, with a respective shadow on no apparent (clear) background on the processed slide film. Then, taking a second slide of an outdoor scene, of, say, a tree with similar lighting conditions. Then, once processed, the two slides layered, the fake image on top of the real outdoor scene, to produce what looks like a UFO hovering over a tree by inserting the layered slides into a slide repro attachment, and shooting the layered image onto print film. Voila, a UFO.

But, sadly I don't have a slide repro attachment, or much model building forte. So, here I am. In theory, what's everyone's opinion? Would shooting something on a white background, as I believe it should, yield a clear slide? Second, would layering two slides and re-shooting yield an effect as I'm describing?

I'm looking to find the proper equipment to test out my theory, but sadly the parts on ebay are pretty expensive but I'm keeping on the lookout. Meantime, input?