This might be a really stupid question so apologies in advance. Silverprint is offering this new nifty quasi-cyanotype paper. I read about it in the latest issue of Black+White. It is not a cyanotype kit. It is just paper you expose to sunlight, and then wash in cold water. The article said it is safe for children, but I wanted to know a little more. I'd love to try this out with my 3-year old nephew who loves cameras. But is this really safe? The paper is coated, so I would have thought the paper is toxic. And when you wash it, I would have thought the water is then toxic. Anyway, thoughts? Below is the description from Silverprint.


1813Solar Paper 8x10" 25 Sheets£12.50 £15.00

Solar Paper pack contains 25 sheets of 8x10” light sensitive blueprint paper. Cheap, safe, very simple and fun to use and doesn’t require any chemicals or darkroom conditions. All you need to do is take a sheet of paper out of the pack and arrange a composition of objects or negatives onto your paper. Interesting shapes or semi-translucent objects will give a nice effect; Leaves, grass, flowers, glass objects, feathers, jewellery, paper cutouts, fabrics, lace – all will work great. After exposing the print in the sunshine for a few minutes, wash it in tapwater to see a wonderful white-on-blue image emerge. Solar Paper is the perfect EDUCATION tool that allows children to learn about composition, negative/positive and the physics of light – all in a fun, safe and playful way.