I am having a hard time identifying what is causing this light leak from my enlarger. I am using a LPL Saunders 6700 with color head. The picture below shows the light leaks which shows up around the image projected from a 6x4.5 or 6x6 negative. I have checked the bellows and negative stage but cannot seem to identify the leak path.


It doesn't seem like a reflection or light leaking out from any gap in the enlarger above the lens. The problem seems to be coming directly from the lens. I am using a Rodenstock Rodagon-S 80mm f/4 lens. I don't have another 80mm lens to compare with. But I did switch it to a Nikon 50mm lens. It causes vignetting on the 6x4.5 and 6x6 negative but I didn't see the lines of light leak.

I could fix the light leaks by putting a dark skirt all around the lens or by hanging some black foam down from the negative carrier platform. But I am not very thrilled about this make shift fix as it gets in the way of reaching the lens aperture etc.

I am still puzzled as to what these lines that are being projected by the lens? Is it some sort of internal reflection or flare from the lens? I would be hard pressed to believe that the Rodagon lens is the culprit. But could it be? I have put my head on the baseboard to look up through the lens and I don't see anything suspicious to cause these lines. The lens is also mounted securely to the lens board without any gap.

Any tips or suggestions to help me identify the problem will be appreciated.