I too am looking for a lens for an 8x10 camera where I can take small objects and get a size on film up to 3 x size of object. I have a 210mm but am open to other lenses. I would also like to know what lens would be optimal or made for this purpose and where would I source one to find pricing.

I have hundreds of objects about 1-3 inches in height that I would like to see large on 8x10 sheet film.

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I wanted a 180mm for close up work on a copy stand. It may not always be macro work, but all will be done at much close than infinity. I can not afford a 180 specifically designed for macro, so I was wondering which 180mm would work best for close up work. I believe I also would want it to be multicoated as the lights I am using are bright and often at either side of the lens..... if someone thinks a single coated lens would not be affected by such a lighting situation please feel to let me know and I may feel good about getting a g-claron. I am also considering a 210mm.