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I have hundreds of objects about 1-3 inches in height that I would like to see large on 8x10 sheet film.

4 racers

Made with a 9" petzval type. My strange depth of field requirements are not the norm, nor for everybody, but just to point out that with this type of photography bellows extension and stability is really more the problem to solve than which lens. In this case I've used an ancient studio camera with 8X10 back (this may have actually been 5X7!) and a rolling stand with table top for the camera. Stable stable stable, and 36" of bellows to play with, that will not sag.

I also always tell people to start with the ordinary 150mm Componon that's already on the enlarger. Turn it around backwards. Yes, matilda, at the extensions you'll need for 3X it'll cover 8X10 very nicely, and it'll be operating within it's design parameters.