For years I've used a Vivitar 283 in auto mode as a fill flash in full daylight. That flash finally died so I bought the latest and greatest, the Vivitar 385HV. To my surprise, when in auto mode, the flash won't fire at all in daylight. It seems to think that there is plenty of light, so why would you use flash?

I thought this was a defect, so contacted Vivitar. They told me to send it back and they sent me a new one. Well this one does the same thing, so now I'm thinking it was designed that way, that it's a "feature", not a bug. But this seems really strange to me: I don't want the flash deciding wether it should fire or not, I want to decide!

Anyway, has anyone else used this flash and had this problem? Has anyone used the 285hv in Auto mode in daylight? Does it do the same thing?