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You also packing a small digi for backup?
Good reminder. Yes, I have a Lumix Digital PS that I can bring.

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The Minolta kit looks a little more versatile than the Pentax, with the 85mm and the fast 58mm. If you think you'll need the 20mm, you could dedicate whichever Pentax is more portable to that lens, and bring it along with the complete Minolta kit.
I'm not sure if I mentioned this, but the Minolta with the 58/1.2 is probably twice the size AND twice the weight of the Pentax with the 50/1.7.

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If both of you are gonna shoot, why not use the Pentax for the 20mm and the minolta for the 35/50 and 85mm??
I'd like to bring down just one system and 2 bodies. That way, I can load up BW in one body and color in another or fast film in one body and velvia in another, and still have all the lenses available to me.

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I'd just stick to the Minolta kit and be done with it - as noted already, it's the more versatile of the two outfits. And a 24 is plenty wide for most situations you'll find yourself in, even if you're photographing in cathedrals. Where in South America are you going? I've been to Buenos Aires, Iguazu Falls in Argentina and Colonia, Uruguay. Even at Iguazu, you can't get a shot of the full span of the falls because it's broken up into sections, so I had no issues with having nothing wider than a 28. The people are worth investing some time photographing, so having those fast 58 and 85 lenses would be a really good idea.
I agree that 24 is a great wide FL, probably my favorite focal length...But again, the X700 with a 24 is probably 60% larger and heavier than Pentax ME Super or MX with the 20mm. I guess I'm asking, has anyone ever been travelling and wished they'd packed lighter? Has anyone ever been travelling and wished they'd packed faster glass?

Here's a size comparison. ME Super with 50/1.7 and X-700 with 58/1.2:
And ME Super with 20/4 and X-700 with 24/2.8: