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I had some good photo teachers in College, but there was one highly arrogant one. He subjected everyone to bashing during critique sessions. I had one image that I knew was pretty damn good for a student, and all he could say about it in front of the entire class was "hmm, I don't even see the point of this, this image is a waste of time, why did you even bother printing this?, next please".
To me, there is a parallel: A literary critic pronouncing, "This book is crap. I don't know why you wrote it. It is written in Finnish, and I don't read Finnish."

It is true ... The critique reveals more - actually, nothing more - than the mindset, pre-conditioning - and "being" of the critic.

We can answer a "call for help" ... "Does any know how I can make the clouds stand out in the sky?"
We can report on how an image affects US ... how we perceive it through our "vision"; how we react to it emotionally.

But to pronounce it "good" or "bad" - no way. It may have been "written" in Swahili, and I don't read Swahili.