I generally don't post in these "Welcomes and Introductions" threads on forums, but I'm prompted to change my habits to express how pleasant it has been to join APUG.

I've only posted a couple of queries and received really quick and very helpful feedback and assistance.

Browsing round the the discussions, things seem civilised and there's so far no evidence of the incivility and rudeness that characterise so many forums.

I've been taking snaps for 40-odd years, with a few hiatuses, but only for the past 5 years or so starting to understand at last what I want to do behind a camera. I have digital to thank for that, but it has also led me back to using film again ... hence ending up here.

For film use, I have a Voigtlander Bessa R2a, a 35mm Summicron, a couple of 28mm (Ultron 28/1.9, Orion-15 28/6) and a rigid Industar 50mm/3.5; A box in my 'fridge contains a bit of an unholy mixture of Foma 100, Tri-X, HP5, BW400CN and ColorPlus ... I'm experimenting with developing film myself for the first time too, so I'm feeing my way slowly, in an odd position of feeling well-informed about a few things photographic, and yet amazingly ignorant of great stretches of the field.

The "Photography Year Books" (edited by Hall & Burton) from the '50s that I was given in my teens still inform my way of making images ...