Must say that although I sold off my Minolta equipment a few years back in trade for Nikon gear, I do truly miss my Minolta. It (a SRT-100) was my first real camera, which I bought myself when I was 14 back in 1997. That thing went with me EVERYWHERE. Eventually I amassed a decent collection of Rokkor and Celtic (Minolta's answer to the Series-E) lenses, and eventually traded the 100 for a 101. Lugged it, as it's predicessor with me for several years, including my trip to Germany in 2002. But, sadly a few years later I began to step slightly into digital, and decided Nikon a better investment and thus traded all my Minolta in for a really nice FE.

Honestly, I want another one and I'm seriously thinking about checking out KEH to see what's up.