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I can't just make a print anymore....

When I RE-started this *darkroom thing* a few years ago, I could go into my darkroom for a few hours and churn out 5 prints or so and come out satisfied I did something. Those prints were *beautiful*. None of those images required any dodging and burning, either. I was GOOD!

Now few years later, I work on ONE frame for over a month. Go into D/R, print *just* one image. Process it all the way and wait few hours to dry.... hum.... NOPE. Not right! Not even close!! Go back in again and print a few with varying exposure, contrast, etc, etc, etc.... wash and dry.... meh.... Back again the next day and get something close..... Tone, wash, and dry.... arghhhhh! Too dark! Too light! Wrong color! Back to square one. 15 sheets of 11x14 later, get something close. Oh no.... a drying mark/stain/a defect!

These days, it takes 2 months and half a box of paper to print one satisfying image.

That's IT! I'm going digital! Darkroom for sale!

Oh, wait.... I have to print a few more..... be back shortly....
I have days like that. The way i see it, ur getting better but still in transition -- be patient with yourself. Try for more subtle changes, and if you find yourself really stuck on a print after five tries, put it aside, go have a beer/coffee/walk and then come back.

Good printing is hard work -- and when printing with FB paper be sure and leave it in the developer AT LEAST two minutes -- Imogen Cunningham did it that way for better blacks and whites. It works. Also gives you more time for a little zen thing to happen so you are more patient with yurself.