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I have 42 Brownie cameras:

My general plan is to keep the best example of each for display then choose a second example to take out and shoot. The rest I want to find homes for but it's hard to know where to look or who to ask.
It's not necessarily about the money or trade value of the cameras but it's more about finding somebody who appreciates them for what they are. There are so few people who even understand what they are, let alone what they are worth.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
Hi Randy,

I have two absolutely flawless Brownies; a Flash Six-20 (with original large and unwieldy flash attachment, including bulb) and Target Six-16. My other Kodaks are a mint Duaflex "I" and a beautifully pristine 1917 Autographic 1A which truly looks like it has never been used before.

Getting back to the Brownies, I am wondering if someone could please provide some insight as to which models are known to have the best image quality? (assuming of course that some were better than others) I am looking forward to using all four of my Kodaks this summer for capturing my Fogo Island landscapes.

I became positively "hooked" on Brownies when my grandmother gave her lovely Duaflex I to me when I was just a young boy, some 40 years ago. I don't know what became of it; just disappeared one day. I recently purchased one identical to it and in perfect shape, both cosmetically and mechanically. A beautiful little camera.

Randy, if you are serious about parting with some of your Brownies, I would love to purchase from you. I am only interested in collecting Brownies that are in pristine condition, and yes, I would indeed be wanting to actually use them. If you have any in great shape that you may wish to part with, please get back to me by email or PM, and we can discuss it further.