I appreciate all the help and suggestions. I spent a lot of time tonight investigating the problem without luck. I am still pulling my hair out to solve it.

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If you put black paper in the negative carrier and completely cover the opening for film. Do the lines go away as the negative carrier opening is blocked out?
I covered the opening in the negative carrier with black paper and checked. All the stray edges disappeared. It was pitch black on baseboard.
Also, the intensity of the stray lines increase and decrease as I open and close the aperture on the lens. Both of these tell me that these stray lines are definitely coming through the lens.

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If the carrier is a full-frame carrier (like a filed carrier would be), then around the negative will be four (or eight) bright lines that can reflect around.
I am using standard carriers for 120 films. The window openings are slightly smaller than the actual film frames. The rim of the window is not filed.

Here are a couple of pictures showing the projected image fom a 6x6 negative and stray lights. I shot these in darkroom with my DSLR.




Here are some pictures I took of my enlarger.





I also took the Dichroic chamber off and took some closeup shots.

A couple of views of the bottom of the Dichroic chamber:



A few views from the top of the negative stage (without the Dichroic chamber):