Here's my notes from yesterday when I flattened two 11x14 prints I made over the weekend on Galerie 2 after letting them air dry face up on screens for two days in relatively dry weather:

Press: From cold. Heat on 15 min at mark between 180 & 225 degrees F. Power off and let cool in press 1 1/2 hours.

(Press heat comes from the top) From top down: Smooth, clean mat board face down... Print face up against mat board... Mat paper... Felt base pad.

After removing the print there was slight adhesion of print to mat board. It was easily separated by lifting and running paper between print and mat board lifting slowly. Result left no appreciable lint on the first of two prints I did. But on the second print there was a "sand" speck dent and a noticeable amount of lint.

Prints are flat.

Need a better surface than smooth mat board to press against face of print because the lint is a hazard with this setup.