I have a 2x3 Crown Graphic on the way from the 'Bay, and the seller included a Graflite setup with the camera (check it out http://www.ebay.com/itm/280896848185...#ht_553wt_1139 ).

I've only even dabbled with X-Sync flash photography (most of what I do sits still for my exposures of 1/2" - 10' +), and have NO idea where to begin with using this relic. I guess my most basic question is whether there is a resource online somewhere which can walk a modern photographer through using these things? I Googled to no avail.

A few more specific questions:

The seller included both 5" and 7" reflectors. What is the difference between these in practical terms?

How specific are the bulb types to the flash unit? He included some No 11 bulbs, will they take anything else (I'd like to pick up a bunch on ebay, but I want to get the right type).

How does one calculate the guide number for these things?

AND finally, is there any actual benefit (beyond being really cool and nostalgic) to using flash bulbs over X-Flashes? Would I be better off just strapping a Vivitar flash gun on there?