One potentially inefficient thing I see in OPs original post is a tendency to go too far in the process too early. There is no point in going all the way into toning, hours of room-temp drying etc to evaluate what are essentially work prints. Use the microwave for drying test/work prints etc.

One "caution" I'd hold up at this point though, spending hours and lots of paper on a single image does not necessarily mean you are doing something wrong, particularly with a complex image. A casual reminder here (as I've harped on about before), nobody ever said making great prints was easy, no matter how much skill you have. Many times, you'll have to plain work your ass off, and there is nothing wrong with that.

There are people who use 2-3 sheets of paper to get where they want to go, and others who might use a box and take several sessions (with value-add breaks in between to live with the work prints a while). Consider people like George Tice or John Sexton for example. Lots of paper in the trash before they are happy. And over time they might make pretty substantial changes when reprinting images they've printed years earlier.