1/2 stop??

I question why you need to see it dry , we all know all about dry down and if you are using a paper over and over the dry down is consistent and predictable.
I make the print exactly as I think is should look when dry and then make a slightly darker and sometimes slightly lighter . Generally I like the middle print the next day.
All dodging and burning is seen way before in the developer.

I have heard all about the microwave, letting a print dry , having a glass of wine and analyzing test strips or patches and putting patches over a print to see different tones, or even the stories about diagrams that photographers give assistants to fix parts of a print which IMHO is a bunch of totally useless bullshit...

Those are all good stories, and yes entertaining at workshops where a named photographer/printer must justify their printing styles and fees for the workshop, and humble the students with their seemingly mastery of a process, but most top end printers I have ever met, and I have met a lot here and in travels , do not hesitate, they are decisive and fast, and able to repeat their steps. I have never seen one keep a bad print other than to use as a toner test strip.

I think you are being very hard on yourself and should loosen up and stop trying to make master pieces and try making nice prints that tell the story and you are happy to hang on a wall.

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When it's WAY off... I do that too... like the time my paper turns pitch black in developer or very faint density building up. But as you get close, how far do you go, especially when you are working with FB? When I get within like half a stop of being right, I have to at least do a quick wash and blow dry so I can assess the change necessary.