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Although I've used a Rolleiflex Twin lens reflex most of my photographic life, I've never tried their 35mm SLR; the SL35. Given the Rollei reputation, I would guess it's a first class camera, yet strangely Rollei don't seem to have manufactured it for very long before production shifted to Singapore, where I ubderstand there were some problems with production quality.

Perhaps at the time it couldn't compete with Nikon or Canon on the professional front. Yet I would think that the Rolleinar lenses for this model are at least on a par with the competition. Anyone tried them?
I had one for a few years; the Singapore-made body and Zeiss/Zeiss-designed lenses were fine and I enjoyed using it...I recall that it seemed quite light and compact. Perhaps not robust enough for professional use (no motor drive) and it lacked interchangeable finders and screens so maybe limited for technical or scientific uses.

Sadly mine got dropped onto a stone path by my (then) wife, breaking the prism and mirror. I sold off the lenses and accessories. And my new wife enjoys photography as much as I do...she is even more careful with her own photo gear than I am with mine!