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Notice how the bellows show up in the two pictures. They would be pitch black if they didn't reflect. It's images of the bellows that you see. Light goes down through the negative and bounces off the inside of the lens stage which "lights up" the flats of the bellows.
Thats what I was suspecting too. But with the enlarger on, negative in the stage and room dark I tried poking and moving the bellows up and down from outside from different sides to see if that would move or shake the stray lines. It didn't.

The bellows do show up in the two pictures when there is no negative and the opening "lights up" the flats of the bellows. I don't see the parallel lines reflecting off the bellows when I have the negative in. I see just 4 stray lines in a square pattern no matter what size of negative I put in, 6x4.5, 6x6 or 6x7.

However when I mask half of the negative off, the stray lines disappear from one side. This definitely points to the fact that the light is reflecting off of some edge on the negative stage, doesn't it?