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The camera of the future will be a thin slender rectangle with a touch screen and it will show those settings in a software menu....you will also be able to place calls with the camera...

Seriously, though, I think the camera of the future will essentially be a hand-held 3D laser scanner that will capture a digital model of the subject. Then the software will create the texture, color, lighting, viewpoint, focus, camera position, field of view etc that will be most pleasing to the majority of viewers based on its extensive software database of "what average people like." These cameras will make everyone throw away their out-dated Lytro. In anticipation of this the Lytro will be RoHS compliant.
I wouldn't buy one, but I would invent it and sell it to people. Naturally, there will be the hipstagram features built-in, along with an apple logo on one side. And of course, it will be lots of glass and slick metal, so it will easily slide out of your hand and shatter on the floor.
Or maybe I could just make a stereoscopic attachment for an iPad....which would accomplish most of the above.