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No harm, no foul. (or is it fowl?)... This is APUG. Perhaps I remember the days when a camera was a tool in the eyes of a serious photographer. A 'cool' camera? Givemeabreak. I shoot what works for me.
1.) The only camera I have bought new 1985 Nikon FM2.
2.) Mamiya rb67 Pro with about 7 lens, both waist and prism finders.
3.) Borrowed Mamiya 645 (borrowed from my daughter whom I gave it to).
4.) Mamiya C220 65mm lens.
5.) Various 3x4 and 4x5 Speed and Crowns.
6.) 3x4 Graplex
7.) 8x10 Deardorff.

Any 'cool' cameras in the lot?
No, but you felt compelled to list them.