For some photos i prefer the Diana both the original and the new one and for some the Holga. All three are made of Plastic and all three are toy camers and that's were the similarities end. The Holga produces in my opinion a completely different look to the diana. The Diana both models have a strong lens coma the Holga has a more or less sharp center then gets a lot softer. The 4x4 insert in the Holga removes the vignetting and sometimes the light leaks a shame if you ask me, so I don't use the insert. The Diana (original) is a native 4x4 camera that often vignettes and has strong off center coma. The new Diana has a strong of center coma and I believe is a little sharper than the original (I prefer the original), the new diana also offers the pinhole option and interchangeable lenses. I use the new diana mainly for pinhole work. Both the Original Diana and the Holga are cameras that produce dream or more psychological, personal (I don't know what other word to use) images. Day to Day diary cameras. It's also harder to create good pictures with Toycameras than with normal cameras. The thougthless picture taking process that lomography propagates is very anti toycamera.