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but who wants sharper?
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me, I guess. I just never got an image that I considered usable from my holgas (when they were $15, not $30). There was always some nasty light leak or flare that I couldn't get rid of. Others seem to do some nice work with them.
One thing my Holga taught me was that shooting for effect, by choosing a certain lens or anything else in the system, is just fine.

The motivation for me to use a Holga for it's effect is no different than me choosing to break out one of my Nikons or my RB with the 150SF, or my Toyo 4x5 for their effects.

These differing tools allow me to define different artistic results at the camera.

Ansel Adams' would be no stranger to this thought. Part of his motivation for the zone system was to make his printing easier. Similarly large format cameras provided an effect that he wanted, everything sharp in the print; the expected result dictated the process.

On the flip side of sharp was the whole soft focus movement, this was an interesting read for me, http://research-repository.st-andrew...ndle/10023/505

Style is a choice, sharp edge to edge is simply one of the possible choices.