Brian, I don't remember which 8X10 that you bought. Along the lines of what David brought up, my Korona 12X20 had a supplemental track installed by someone before I bought it. This was a track that someone made by cutting a 1/4 inch dado into two separate track sections. They then glued a piece of 1/4 inch plywood into one of the dados and this became the "rib" that slid inside the other dado. This was obviously done under each of the existing tracks. A simple aluminum bracket was fabricated for a locking mechanism. This allows the Korona to now have 36 inches of extension. However if you do something like this a new bellows may need to be made(depending on what you now have) . Western Bellows has made the bellows for the 12X20 and also a couple of Deardorffs that I have restored. Cost was around 200 for the bellows on the 'dorffs. The Koronas are recognized as being "one off" productions. Therefore an extension track, if this is applicable to your camera, may not necessarily fit from one camera to another.