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I did not know that. You are saying that aligning the split image in my SLR prism is somehow less accurate than aligning the images in a rangefinder because of the acuity of my eyesight? Somehow that does not really make sense to me. In both cases my eyesight is involved. I should be able to align to blurry halves of an image in my SLR viewfinder as well, or not as well as the case may be, as I can two blurry ghost images in a rangefinder spot. Hmmm.
If your eyesight is poor, you cannot focus properly with either system. My limit of sharp vision is about 10" from my eyes, so I use my glasses or a corrective diopter on the cameras. The only time I remove my glasses is to compose on the groundglass of a view camera; fcussing on the GG is done with a loupe.