hi inlarry

i sell silver recovery products. the magnets you sell to a refiner, the steel wool you can't.
the trickle tanks ( which are an iron or steel wool core &c and do the ion transfer ) unless you are in canada
you have to pay about 70$ USD to have it refined.

with the magnets, you send the cathode loaded with silver to a refiner ( if you want ) the bag is included with the unit.
they will mail you a check for about 90% of the value of the silver ( spot price * weight of the silver flake( less about 10% refining fee ).
in canada and the UK/EU the refiners lined up to work with silver magnet users do the same, about 90% ... and in canada they will pay for shipping, AND if you have a trickle tank they will give you $$ for the silver in that as well.

good luck !