Selling my Mamiya RZ Z Zoom Lens -- this is a magnificent lens, but I don't have room for it in my kit anymore. Comes with the original caps and it is in IMMACULATE condition: glass is perfect on both sides.

Also comes with the original bracket, which looks and acts like new.

Official specs: "The 100-200mm f/5.2 Zoom features a 14 element 12 group design with a focal length range that is ideal for studio use. One lens can be used for full length portraits to head shots eliminating the need to change lenses, synch cords or camera position, throughout a sitting. It offers a choice of helicoid or camera bellows focusing. A tripod support bracket is included which is compatible with the RZ67 Pro II both with and without the Power Winder Model II mounted on the camera body."

Asking $275 via PayPal.