Welcome to APUG.

I believe film is the least expensive part of photography. You can get Arista Premium 400 (which is really a Tri-X) for less than 3 dollars a roll. Processing is cheap if you are doing it yourself. If color, you could take it to a warehouse club and have it done inexpensively also.

I agree, one may not want to randomly shoot frames after frames but if you don't shoot what you think it *might* be interesting, you will never know what you have missed or more importantly, how you can do it better next time. I plan to shoot at least a complete roll per trip/event/visit - and hopefully a few rolls.

I don't know your financial situation but you've probably spent enough money for your equipment. You got to put some rolls through and make full use of it/them. We often have folks (myself included) dumping excess/older/expired film in classified section. I've also seen local stores simply dumping exiting inventory. You just got to watch for them and grab them.

In another word, SHOOT!