Hi! Thanks for the information, I'll mostly be on my own so no local guide. I know that's very unwise especially when travelling in unfamiliar places but this is a work assignment after and not a Nat Geo assignment

I'm not white (no offence intended) but being asian I will stick out nonetheless like a sore thumb.

To answer the last question, what I'm really after are just suggestions of things to try out and things to avoid but I guess I just have to use common sense and be wary of things around me.

One question though and I know I'm not being fair to people in Kenya but then I'm always worried about this factor, how tight will I need to keep on my wallet and pockets from pickpockets? I was almost picked once before and luckily I kicked the guy down the escalator when he tried it. Or for that matter, how is the general situation of security and safety in Kenya?