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Ken, I'm sure we'll soon be hearing from Fred Latchaw (AKA flatulent1).
You should at least give me a heads-up...

Today I broke a T90. It came to me broken (frozen shutter magnets). I was on the verge of getting it working again. Then while I was hammering it on the ground the stop-down lever engaged and will not now disengage. I am very sad.

Actually things turned out quite well. I won an auction for four dead T90s at the princely sum of $26. The first one I took out of the package is in like-new cosmetic condition, but was afflicted with the EEE error. Unbelievably, a light tap on the ground cleared the error and it works perfectly.

The second body, in pretty nice condition, is nevertheless being recalcitrant. When I finally got the shutter firing regularly I discovered the stop-down lever was stuck and would not release. So I'm going to have to take the face off and see what kind of damage I can do.

The third body just sits there, mocking me. No amount of beating is having any effect. I may have to dismember that one as well.

The fourth body is trash. The finish has been eaten away, there's a significant amount of goo on the shutter. This one I think will be my 'training' camera. Heh.