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Over the last year, I've had a strong desire to get back rolls of film that are dense with great photos.
In 30+ years of taking pictures I've never had a roll dense with great photos.

I never know whether or when good pictures will come. It's not something I can make happen through force of will. The only way I have to get to them is to go with the flow, and keep making more pictures.

What keeps me going as I wait for the good ones is that I enjoy the process. I like playing with cameras. I still get a little thrill every time I pull a freshly-developed roll off the reel or sheet from the drum, and hold the negatives up to the light to see what I have. I love the look of silver prints - even when I end up deciding that none of a given darkroom session's results is worth anything, and I toss everything. That happens a lot.

Find the tools and materials you enjoy using, and have fun!