Hi Charles,

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I agree with you that eliminating dichromate from the albumen would be desirable - have you tried the diazidostilbene in its place?
No, not yet, but I will do.

Does the slight magenta cast in the wet prints lighten when the prints are dried? What are you using as a clearing bath?
Somewhat, I did not clear them yet.

Are you working CMY or CMYK?

Printing times are based on first max density with my digital negatives and kept the same for all 4 colors to keep this variable constant (for a start). Pigment amounts were based on earlier experience with the Kremer color pastes in 3 and 4 color gum.
For this pouring I used C=10gr M=10gr Y=16gr K=10gr per liter 10% gelatin. Note: the Y has 60% pigment solids and is more liquid than the others. I will cut down the M somewhat for a better balance. If the results are more or less ok, I probably will generate a linearization for each color channel. The UV absorption/transmission is not the same for all 4colors. And....if all that is done and stable, maybe I'll try to colorprofile the whole process...

Once again, allow me congratulate you on your success - I look forward to seeing more of the merged portrait series.
Your posts here and the videos with Todd Gangler were very informative!