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Yes, I'm here for the summer.
why don't you go to MASSART or EP LEVINES or one of the other photo schools in boston ( AIB / SMFA / NESOP )
and ask someone there who may be familiar with roll backs+graflock backs to take a look at your camera &C ...
i am south of you about 1.5 hours, i'd be happy to meet with you
someplace random to take a look at your camera ( and bring my speed for comparison )
but i don't travel light these days ( i have 3 assistants i have to bring with me everywhere ) .. so it might be tricky ...

i have a feeling the back mates fine with your camera, the sliders attach to the back fine, but you aren't used to the
3rd side not being attached, so it seems-like something is wrong because all the other cameras you have used the back attaches
on all 4 sides.