I was similarly surprised when I compared a pre-war Bessa to a Jsolette. One was about 20 years older but had leather bellows in perfect condition, one had vinyl(?) bellows and looked rather like a sieve. Shame I had to send the Bessa back because the 7.7 lens was hazy and I simply couldn't stand it being so slow — everything else was perfect, after 80 years. The Jsolette is too much trouble to repair and too much to CLA. I'm just going to avoid Agfa from now on.

Have fun with the Pan F — it's amazing in 35mm; I can only imagine what it's like in 6x9, and I may soon see what it's like in 6x4.5. If you decide you want slightly less contrast and a little bit of softness, put a stocking over it.

Pan F at 50 in 35mm with stocking:

Without stocking: