For all of you super 8 lovers out there...

Kodak has announced that it will cease production of Kodachrome 40 in Super 8mm cartridges. They say that Kodachrome 40 will continue to be available in 16mm film. I am saddened by the loss of the extraordinary K40 film in S8.

Kodak 40th Anniversary of Super 8 film

Kodak is releasing a new 64 ASA Tungsten film to take K40's place. I doubt it's the same as EPY, since the new film is described as super-saturated. I haven't been able to find any detailed information about the new film yet. K40 was 3400K balanced film. EPY is 3200K balanced. I have no idea about the new 64T Super 8 film.

Most of the low-end auto-exposure only Super 8 cameras that were designed solely for use with 40T or 160T film will probably not properly expose the 64T correctly.

Fortunately, most of my S8 cameras can be set for manual exposure and will handle the 64T just fine. I'm looking forward to shooting it, but I'll miss K40.

Has anyone heard any news of the new 64T Super 8 film?