I just got caught up on all the progress here after being outta town for a while. Great stuff that keeps getting better.

I don't know if I'll be able to do any testing myself for a while, but in the future I definitely plan to. This appears to be a great discovery indeed!

Ok, now as per your question over here, it seems clear that you need to have some kind of hardener in your emulsion if you want it to survive processing. Part of the workshop at GEH with Ron and Mark is to develop a coating that is unhardened and see what happens. Although my group didn't get around to doing, I understand that the result is an emulsion that nearly bubbles of the support, and that's on paper.

I understand that a silver emulsion might act differently, but part of my interest in a simple PET subbing procedure like this would be for the making of DCG-imbibition matrices. Until sensitized and exposed, these coatings would consist simply of gelatin/sugar/dye.