The real desire that I think might be getting in the way is the desire to create a "magic" roll of film where every shot is great.
I think that bearing it in mind has a negative effect on a photographer. By trying to get the perfection thru every single shot of a film roll you eliminate yourself very badly.
I don't carry a goal either, as suggested by thomas bertilsson, although such a goal isn't bad at all.
Personnally, if I have a priority, it is to find something representative of an area. Whether i decide to explore one town district, one little town or a park, I make up my mind as to find something symbolic of this area. Nothing more, nothing less.
Concerning the shot frequency, I don't limit myself with a certain number of shots. I shoot whenever I feel it is worth it, whatever amount of shots it might require. While being a teen and being broke most of the time, I had an almost obsession as to limit my shots. But now, I have a decent job and enough spare time to enjoy myself with films. So I don't limit myself in any ways.

Keep shooting with joy, merriness and happiness. That's all what mattters.