hi all,
can u share your experience of photographing people with ULF, 11x14, 12x20"...
people photography - staged, location, environment, scenarios, or even closer portraits.
obviously, it will be bulkier than 8x10" - camera, tripod, lens, film-holders. more expensive too.
i guess it will be more elaborating with lighting - slower shutter speed, aperture etc.
suppose one can handle this, with assistances on the set, by blending this bulk in other production needs (such as lighting on location, which in itself might be even bulkier sometimes than ULF kit), and the flaming passion for a pure contact print (platinum etc) may ease the endeavor.
are there other hidden challenges that i cannot properly imagine and estimate without actually experiencing the ULF ???
for example, i can imagine that the controls of the camera are physically less accessible, and the whole process must be slower... how much it may stand in the way of photography compared to 8x10.
other unique challenges ?

thanks, victor