Making hopefully great photos is the goal. Having them in the same roll is unimportant a goal and will work against the abovementioned goal.

As far as residual frames in a roll are concerned, you could choose a "residual theme" which you use to end all "tails". This should be something different from what you do normally.

Let's say you normally do street photography. Your "residual theme" might be "landscape in my city park". Every time you have a roll to complete, you go to the same park. You will explore it photographically "endlessly", in all seasons, with all films, with all cameras, and shoot there all your tails. You will have to look at it differently each time, you will have to train your photographic eyes to find different interesting compositions from the same familiar subject matter.
That also could be an exercise in using different focal length to the same subject, etc.

It goes without saying that if your normal subject is let's say landscape, your "residual theme" might be "people working in my district" or whatever.

You will end up with a series of your residual theme shot in different films, with different cameras, focal lengths, light conditions, seasons etc. and I think it is a very good exercise in seeing things "photographically".