I'm interested in hearing about how people plan and execute their photography projects. Specifically, I would love to hear from people who have completed multi-year projects, not just shooting them, but getting all of the tedious back end work completed as well: processing, proofing, editing hundreds of images down to thoughtful groups, and printing it all.

We all love to shoot, I'm sure. And then most of us are probably pretty decent at getting our contact sheets made and knocking out a few finished prints. But how many of us have what it takes to just get in there and grind out the prints that need to get done? I can get going for a while, but invariably, I lose steam. Most photographers I've talked with have different ways of handling their work flow, so I'd love to hear yours, as specific as possible. And please let us all know WHY something works.

For example, do you process films only on odd-numbered Tuesdays? Do you like to shoot all year and then print your best stuff during the winter months? Great! Buy WHY, in a very practical sense, does it work for you?

Thanks for your time.