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I would perhaps try a Summitar. I've been shying away from Leica LTM lenses because they're more problamatic in regards to haze/fungus and most agree that Japanese LTM's are usually safer in this regard.

The Nikon lens that I own is more than decent for me; I just have this this curiosity in trying out a Leica lens. I will, eventually, just not now unless I get an incredible deal. Leica LTMs still interest me so I may go that route, and from a reputable seller.
That's a good idea. Most of my Leica glass was patiently obtained at good prices but with moderate issues. i.e. my Summitar has a tiny amount of coating separation on the edge, no affect on performance that I can see and I got it for a song. My 'cron DR some boob crossed the threads in screwing the front on. It made the preivous owner create a new mark for where the f/stop is but it has zero affect on performance. As mentioned it's one of my all-time favorite lenses and I got it for about 40% less than most Summicron DR's go for.

Sit tight and watch and good bargains will come along if you're not looking for collector's peices.