Gee wiz, with all this talk about Tessars, Planars and Xenars, the Mamiya TLR's aren't getting any love at all! I have a Hasey, an RB67 and a Fuji with a 75mm 3.5 and they all have their good points. Here's a photo taken with the Mamiya C33 and a somewhat mottled 65mm 3.5. This scan probably doesn't show it, but the color and detail is incredible. I've taken identical photos with the Hasey Planar and the Mamiya 80mm 2.8 and the contrast and sharpness is identical until you get to extreme blowups where the slight edge goes to the Hasselblad. In practical terms, when I want to shoot 6x6 I much more enjoy shooting with the Mamiya C33 over the Hasselblad. It's just more fun to work with.
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